Friday, October 14, 2016

Upper Body

Fri, 14 Oct 16

Cable Butterfly: 27.5x20, 32.5x15, 37.5x10, 42.5x3x5
Cable Crossover: 27.5x20, 32.5x15, 37.5x10, 42.5x3x5
Face Pulls: 47.5x20, 57.5x15, 67.5x10, 77.5x3x5 (supersetted with...)
Rope Push Down: 47.5x20, 57.5x15, 67.5x10, 77.5x3x5
OHP: 45x10, 95x2x10, 115x5, 135x3x5

Had to leave OHP to last as I couldn't get a rack.  By the time I hit them my arms were pretty fatigued, so I my top set was based on what I felt comfortable doing 5 with.  (RPE 8)  Went well, great activation and lots of pump.

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