Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Upper body

Weds, 30 May 18

Bench 135x8, 185x5x5
Curls 40x5x10
Skull crushers 40x5x10
Dual Pulley row 50x5x10

Bench was a little hard, but only the last two reps of the last two sets were "iffy".  The rest was just light, pumpy, work to help with mobility and hypertrophy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Tues, 29 May 18

Rdl: 135x2x10, 225x3x5
Leg press: 4x2x10, 6x10, 8x2x10
Calf raises: 50x4x10
Leg extension 100x4x10

Started with Romanian deadlift.  I wasn't feeling the stretch, so I slapped two 35's under each foot, that helped a bit.  I was hoping to hit sets of 10, but I didn't have the endurance at 225.  In fact, I was hoping to get another set but I was burnt.

Next I moved onto leg press.  Both legs today, full depth.  You can really see it hitting the hamstrings and vastus lateralis.  Next I went onto calf raises, very slowly, getting a good squeeze at the top and going low and slow at the bottom.  Final was leg extensions, focus on VMO and quads.  Slow and burning was the tempo.  

Monday, May 28, 2018


Mon, 28 May 18

Chest supported Row: 45x10, 90x3x10
Db front raise: 20x4x10
Leg side extension: 12.5x2x10, 17.5x2x10
Single leg extension: 40x10, 50x10, 60x2x10
Triceps press down: 35x4x10
Face pulls: 35x4x10
Pec Deck: 85x3x30
Single leg glute extension: 50x10, 70x3x10

You know, sometimes its difficult to determine if a movement is push or pull.  For example the DB front raise, if done with a cable would be an extension movement and would seem to be a pull - but with a dumbbell you are pushing the weight away from you.  The tricep press down with rope would seem to be a pull - but if you think of it, you are pushing down at the bottom half of the movement.

Anyhow, it was a hot day for exercising.  I was sweating like crazy.  I got a good workout on my delts though.  My weight has been stuck around 203-204.  I'd like to get below that this week, because I'm starting to get diet fatigued and am binging.  Usually that's a sign I'm just about done.  Strength is dramatically dropping, and I would imagine I'm losing muscle.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Push it (mostly)

Fri, 25 May 18

Dual Pulley row: 50x5x10
Hammer strength incline press: 30x15, 40x3x15
Seated db OHP: 30x5x10
Smith machine deadlift: 90x5x10
Lateral raise: 50x4x15
Single leg press: 90x5x6

I was going to squat, but my right tricep REALLY did not feel good today.  I couldn't rack the bar for a front or back squat without pain.  So, I moved on.  I decided this would mostly be an upper body day with a lot of push movements.  So, for push I did the seated hammer strength incline press, seated db OHP, smith machine deadlift, seated machine lateral raise, and seated one legged leg press on the sled.  I did a bit of seated low pulley row to get the blood flowing to the tricep and lats.  There is also a bit of pull of the deadlift as well.  The reason I used the smith was that I really wanted to focus on glute activation/hip thrust and while keeping as upright as possible.  This meant using lighter weights, but it was still pretty good cardio and my legs definitely felt the effort.  I finished off with the single leg press.  It looked very light - only a plate a side.  I placed my foot in the center of the platform and went to full range of movement - knee to chest and back out.  I picked single leg so that I wouldn't round my back, and to focus on the actual leg extension.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Full body workout

Thurs, 24 May 18

Leg press: 4x4x15
Seated Smith machine OHP: 50x4x15
Standing high cable crossover: 12.5x15, 17.5x3x15
Standing triceps cable extension 17.5x15, 32.5x3x15
Dual leg extension: 100x4x15
Single Leg Glute extension 70x15, 90x15 

It's my first day back after a week of family issues.  Fortunately, everyone is fine now, and I'm back on my diet and starting to exercise again.  I've been losing strength, so I'm going to have to dial my workouts back quite a bit when the diet ends.  I'm starting to see positive changes in my physique though, so that's motivation to keep going.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Upper body

Thurs, 17 May 18

Seated Db Shoulder Press: 30x12, 35x12, 40x12, 35x12, 30x12
Standing Decline Cable Press: unknown weight x3x15
Seated Triceps press: 90x12, 110x12, 130x12, 110x12, 90x12
Single arm cable extension: 12.5x4x15
Row rear Delt: 50x5x12

So, my prime mover today was the seated DB shoulder press.  I kept the weight at a level that I could manage to pick up without having to kick the weights up from my knees - and focused more on the top part of the movement.  (I kept the grip neutral).  Just enough rest in between to go and grab the different DBs off the rack and get seated.

The remainder were exercises focusing mostly on my delts and triceps.  I did a single set of the seated row machine.  I'll have to find something else for my lats/traps.  I will keep a big part of the day towards my actual arms and shoulders as I find those are the areas that I want to bring up the most.  I've got decent sized shoulders and back, but my arms seem small compared to my freakish chest.  (COPD)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Legs, deadlifts

Tues, 15 May 18

Deadlifts: 135x5, 225x5, 315x4x5
Leg extension (single) 50x5x10

I was hoping to do 5x5 on the deadlifts but I was just exhausted and also felt a little like I was going to crap myself.  So, good butt squeezing at the top of the movement, to avoid having a movement.

Poop aside, I did some leg extensions on the machine that has independent extenders for each leg, at a light 50 lbs a side.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Upper body

Mon, 14 May 18

Bench: 135x8, 185x5, 205x5, 225x2, 225x 1, 205x3, 185x8
Seated Smith machine OHP: 50x2x5,  70x2x5, 90x2x5, 70x2x5, 50x2x5
Curls: 30x10, 50x10, 70x5, 50x10
Dual Pulley Pulldown: 100x5x10

Not as bad as the last day I was in the gym, but the dieting is definitely starting to take its toll.  That being said, I'm down to 206 fully fed.  That's 201 fasted.  So, not too bad.  I'd still like to drop 20 more pounds so that fully fed weight is just shy of 190.

Note - when I say fully fed, I MEAN FULLY FED.  Junk food, carbs, chocolate, rum, you name it - stuffed full.  I had three full refeed days, first day took me to 206 and I stayed there the entire weekend.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Crap day

Weds, 9 May 18

Just a total craptacular day.  I started off doing squats, but after doing 135x5, 225x5 I could only do 315 for a double, and had to leave the bar on the safeties at 365.  I even had a cookie preworkout and some stimulants, but it wasn't enough to get me through the session.

So, I finished off with some machine leg work, tried to go reasonably heavy for 4x10 per machine.  I expect I'll have more bad days as I start to get smaller and more tired from the dieting.  Likely I will have to drop back to one heavy upper and lower body workout a week, with some light work in the middle and cardio the rest - just to get this over with as fast as possible.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Upper body

Tues, 8 May 18

Bench: 135x8, 185x5, 205x5, 225x3x3, 205x5
Dual Pulley Pulldown:  75x10, 85x10, 100x2x10
Front Pulldown: 50x10, 60x10, 70x2x10
Triceps Press: 70x10, 110x10, 130x2x10
Pec Deck: 85x2x30

I ran out of time today - but only missed the low pulley rows.  I figured I had enough pull exercises anyhow since I also did some upper body depletion yesterday.  I actually managed to do 225x3x3 today.  I did use my homemade slingshot, but only managed 3x2 last bench session under the same conditions.  I did take my ephedrine (24 mg) and caffeine (200 mg) today, around 45 minutes before the session, so I was well stimulated for the heavy session.  I don't like using it too much because I don't want to develop a tolerance, but I'm finding the fasted workouts to be pretty rough.  I may have to pick up some BCAAs, but I hate the smell. (like bad b.o.)

Monday, May 7, 2018

Depletion workout

Mon, 7 May 18

Leg press (plates): 4x3x15
Leg extension: 115x3x15
Glute machine :50x15, 70x15, 90x15
Front Pulldown: 50x3x15

Seated DB Shoulder Press: 30x3x12
Pec Deck: 100x1x15

OMG.  This was simply grueling today.  Had diarrhea again, so I was literally drained by the time I hit the gym.  I tried drinking a few bottles of water, but it didn't take long before I simply couldn't move anymore.

Leg press was easy, but I knew that 6 plates probably would have been pushing it.  So, I put my feet closer together (shoulder width) and continued to go deep - until my back comes off the seat.  I was able to see my hamstrings and quads working, so I knew it was enough to start the depletion. By the last few reps of each set of leg extensions the burn was starting to kick in.  I tried a new machine today.  Its one where you stand with your chest against a pad, and push a pedal to full extension.  So, every set above was for each leg.  It took me a few sets to figure out a good weight and to master the movement.  I may keep this one in the routine as it definitely activated my glutes.  Front pulldown was hard.  I'm pretty sure I was going a little hypo as I hadn't eaten since last night - cold sweats.  I had to drop a few reps off the shoulder press as I was starting to feel sick to my stomach.  Finally I hit the pec deck.  After the first set I went from both arms to single, but only made it through a few reps.  I went back to the office after that, didn't even bother to change.

The diet routine is working though - down to 204 from 219.  

Friday, May 4, 2018


Fri, 4 May 18

Squats: 135x5, 225x3, 315x2, 315x3x1, 365x1, 315x1

Just a terrible session.  I was busy today and forgot to take any caffeine/ephedrine until it was too late.  I had diarrhea all morning, so in addition to being fasted from IF, and energy drained from dieting, I was fluid depleted as well.  

Everything felt brutally heavy, and even the 315s were a strain after the first rep.  

Oh well, days like that happen, and fortunately less often than more.

I'm down to 207 from 219 a few weeks back.  The birthday month has made it difficult to keep on track nutritionally, but now I should be gtg.  I want to see that weight under 190.  I managed 196 last year before tearing both of my calves, which was as light as I've been in MANY years.

Upper body

Thurs, 3 May 18

Bench: 135x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x3x2, 205x5, 185x5

I found the bench pretty hard today.  Once I finished a few heavy sets I set off and hit a few machines to work on the rest of my upper body.  10+ rep sets.  So, pec deck, low pulley rows, dual pulley pulldown, tricep press and bicep pulldown.  

My shoulder feels quite healthy, and as I'm writing this the day after the session, has not suffered any from the workout.  It's still sore after sitting on my couch at home for a while, but I don't think anything is going to solve that but a new recliner with low arms.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Depletion workout

Weds, 2 May 18

Leg press (plates): 4x1x15, 6x3x15
Leg extension: 115x3x15
Leg Curls: 85x3x15
Dual Pulley Pulldown: 80x15, 100x2x15, 80x15
Pec Deck: 100x3x15
Curls: 40x3x15
Front Pulldown: 50x3x15
Seated DB Shoulder Press: 30x3x15

Added weight to some of the movements, got a pretty good burn going and am pretty tired.

My wife's birthday, then my birthday are close together and nutrition has been random.  Also, work demands were high as well, so I haven't been terribly regular in the gym.  Now that all that foolishness is over I can start back on the slow cut and heavy workouts, continuing with the one depletion workout a week.