Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Deadlifts (425 max)

Wed, 29 Nov 17

Deadlifts: 225x5, 315x2x5, 365x2, 385x1, 405x1, 425x1, 445F

OK, so the 445 was a little ambitious.  My strength seems to be improving and my cardio system is compensating better than it was.  I had a few stars at 385, and lightheadedness at 385 and 405, but that's not unexpected, and I wasn't in danger of fainting and smashing my face open or anything.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Light upper body

Tues, 28 Nov 17

Bench: 135x3x20, 4x10
Reverse Grip Curls: 40x20, 40x3x10
Ez-Bar Curls :  40x20, 40x3x10
Dual Pulley Pulldown : 70x5x20
Face Pulls: 25x5x20Tricep Press: 70x5x20

Just managed to get through the first three sets in bench, then had to go to 10 reps instead of 20.  The curl weight was tricky.  I needed enough weight for the bicep to work, but still had to be able to do a lot of reps.  I think if I had done 30 lbs with the preacher bench to isolate the bicep more I might have been able to do the sets of 20 across the board.  That being said, my arms were looking really nice (for me) during the curls.  I managed the sets of 20 for the rest of the exercises.  I supersetted the pulldown and face pulls, and kept the rests really short for the tricep press.  I could probably add 10 lbs to the last 3 exercises. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Light legs

Mon, 27 Nov 17

Leg Press: 2 plates x 20, 4 plates x 20, 6 plates x 3 x 20
Calf Raises: 45x5x20
Leg Extensions: 100x5x20
Adductor/Abductor supersets: 250x10x10

By the time I hit the adductor/abductor I could only manage 10x10 instead of 5x20.  My muscles were becoming too fatigued.  The burn on the calf raise and leg extensions is insane.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Upper body

Fri, 24 Nov 17

Bench: 135x10x10
Ez-Bar Curls : 40x10x10
Dual Pulley Pulldown : 70x5x20
Face Pulls: 25x5x20
Tricep Press: 70x5x20

Another light, but hard day.  Many reps = jeez that's hard.  Once hit the 80+ rep in bench my last two reps per set were getting pretty difficult.  The curls were torturous.  I started out doing them spider style off of a reverse preachers bench, but then just started doing them standing after the 50th rep as the pump was brutal.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Light legs

Thurs, 27 Nov 17

Leg press: 2x20, 4x20, 6x20, 4x20, 2x20
Leg Extensions: 100x20, 115x20, 130x20, 115x20, 100x20
Calf Raises: 45x20, 55x20, 65x20, 55x20, 45x20
Hip Adduction: 205x20, 215x10, 205x5, 190x10
Hip Abduction: 160x20, 175x20, 185x20, 175x20, 160x20

The first number in the leg press is the number of plates.  I put 45 seconds between all sets today.  I overreached a bit on the calf raises and hip adduction, but seemed to have nailed the weights correctly for the other sets.  

The leg extensions burned like hell.  The calf raises burned like hell and my range of motion became VERY small at the end.  I could barely close my legs on the adduction - I need more work on my adductors.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Upper body

Wed, 22 Nov 17

Seated Smith Machine OHP: 50x3x10 (w/m/n)
Straight Bar Spider Curls: 50x5x8
Dual Pulley Pulldown: 70x15, 85x3x15
Pec Fly: 30x5x15

It doesn't look like I did much when I look at it.  But then I realize - 90 reps of OHP, 40 reps of full extension curls on the backside of the preacher bench (those were brutal), 60 pull downs, and 75 pec flyes.  I was trying a better technique on the pull downs - retracting the scapula at the bottom of each move - I definitely felt it in my lats, they were burning hard.  The pec fly as well seems easy at first glance - I used a cable machine and by the 15th rep the center of my pecs were on fire. 

I'm feeling a bit better today.  Yesterday I felt like deep fried cat crap.  I'm going to do a complete light week to deload a bit, as I've been trying to taper my calories back a bit, which I must have did a little too aggressively at first.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lower body, meh.

Tues, 21 Nov 17

I was going to squat today, but once I started I just felt off and crappy.  I ended up just doing machine lower body work, high rep, and even that was torturous.  Meh, next time.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Upper body (225x5,4,3 max)

Mon, 20 Nov 17

Bench: 135x10, 185x10, 205x5, 225x5, 225x4, 225x3, 205x2x5
Ez-Bar Curls : 50x10, 70x2x10
Standing Tricep Pressdown: 67.5x10, 72.5x10, 77.5x10

I was tired today, but I did manage to add another rep to the 225 sets.  I ended the workout early as I just felt like crap by the end of the pressdowns.  I started to do the single arm pec dec and it just felt gross.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Lower body (405 max)

Fri, 17 Nov 17

Deadlifts: 225x2x5, 315x5, 365x5, 385, 405
Calf Raises : 70x10, 80x10, 90x10, 100x10
Two Minute Leg Press : 4 plates x 37 reps
Two Minute Leg Extensions :  115 x 47 reps

Deadlifts went well.  I initially failed at the 405, but I think I rushed the rest period.  So I took a little longer and tried again.  Very slight light-headedness, which is good, since I was experiencing it earlier a few weeks back.  I tried the two minute leg work again.  The leg press is brutal on my FEET.  My arches were on fire by the time I hitting the mid-20's.  The 30+ reps were just agony with a break every 1-2 reps.  The leg extensions were super-pumpy.  My legs were burning soooooo bad as I past the mid-20s.  

It's funny how low endurance is when you don't train it at all.  I added 7 reps to the press since last time, so it will be interesting to see how it develops over time, and if it has any actual hypertrophic effect.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Upper body

Thurs, 16 Nov 17

Seated Smith Machine OHP : 50X10, 70x10, 90x10, 110x3x10
Ez-Bar Curls: 50x3x15
Dual Pulley Pulldown : 110x3x15
Dual Pulley Row: 70x4x10

I had DOMS in my right pec from Tuesdays workout.  That made today a little painful lol, but the masochistic side of me loves it.  The constant rubbing of my right pec probably made a few people look at me funny(er).

Anyhow, I kept the workout light and pumpy.  The seated OHP went quite well, rocking the 110.  Curls became grueling - I was intending to do 4 sets of 15, but I barely made it through the third set!  Dual pulley pulldown REALLY hit the pec hard haha.  I was going to do 100 lb reps, but didn't realize someone had put the 10 lb adaptor on top of the plates.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Squats (405 max)

Weds, 15 Nov 17

Squats: 135x10, 225x5, 315x5, 365x3, 385, 405, 365x2, 315x3

Strength day today - feeling out the max.  Hit 4 plates, no issues, decided not to push it past there as I'm still sketched out by lifting heavy.  The takeaway is that I am gaining strength back despite the hypertrophy work I'm doing, and I should continue on as I have been.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Upper body (225x5, 2x3)

Tues, 14 Nov 17

Bench: 135x10, 185x10, 205x5, 225x5, 225x2x3, 205x2x5, 185x5
Ez-Bar Curls : 50x10, 60x10, 70x10
Standing Tricep Pressdown: 62.5x10, 72.5x10, 77.5x10
Pec deck (one armed) : 115x10, 145x10, 160x10
Seated Tricep Press : 110X15, 150X15, 170x10

I added 5 more reps to the 185 set, and did an extra 2 reps on the first set of the 225.  Had I rested longer I might have done 3x5, but that's still an increase in 2 reps over a week ago.  I have no spotters, so the reps are not to failure - one to two reps shy.

Added a few reps to the hypertrophy work, otherwise no major change this week.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Deadlifts (385 max)

Fri, 10 Nov 17

Deadlifts: 225x2x5, 315x2x5, 365x5, 385, 315x5

First day deadlifting "heavy" in a while.  I've had very few sessions since the beginning of my injuries this year, and have been a bit timid.  I worked my way up to 385, same as last time I deadlifted heavy before injuring my calves, but didn't have to grip in me to hit 405.  I didn't want to use straps on the big singles as I don't like the way it exposes me at the start of the lift.  I'd much rather walk up, take a few big breaths, tense, grip and rip.  

When I was done the main event I did a few holds at 405 to work on my cardiovascular system.  I did them just below the knees, off the pins, so that I still had to load up my legs to lift.  I was just trying to expose the hamstrings less. and concentrate on being able to smoothly lock out and hold.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Upper body (DB 55x10)

Thurs, 9 Nov 17

Seated OHP: 50x15, 70x15, 90x3x10
Db Bench: 40x10, 45x10, 50x10, 55x10
Db seated curls: 30x3x10 (supersetted with the last three bench presses)
Standing Tricep Pressdown : 62.5x15, 67.5x15, 72.5x3x10
Dual Pulley Row: 80x3x12
Pec Deck: 100x3x15

Dumbbell presses went a little easier today - the only real issue is the first rep.  I have to work on that take off - but other than that it's pretty easy.  I felt a good pump today, once again, had trouble taking off my shirt!  Granted, it is a tight shirt, but aren't they all?

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Quad hypertrophy day

Wed, 8 Nov 17

Leg extensions : 130x2x15, 160x2x15
High Bar Squats: 135x5x10
Db Lunges (per leg) : 30x2x10
Leg Presses: 2 mins, 6 plates, 30 reps
Kettlebell Swings:  10 kg x 3 x 20

LOL.  I had higher expectations for this workout.  Reality set in quickly.

1. Leg extensions - the weight was good.  Got the blood flowing.  A bit of burning, but nothing extreme.

2. High bar squats - originally I planned this to be smith machine front squats.  I couldn't get the movement right.  So, then I tried regular front squats - this required too much technique.  I settled on fast, deep back squats.  I kept the bar nice and high, legs close together (in line with shoulders) and feet straight forward.  Fast tempo.  I'm starting to get a bit winded now.

3. Dumbbell Lunges - I thought I'd be able to manage more weight - but my balance SUCKS!  That being said, I figured it out by the end and was getting good quad activation.  I'm getting REALLY out of breath now though.

4. The two minute leg press torture.  Feet in line with the inside of my shoulders, positioned low on the plate.  Initially my tempo was pretty decent, but after about rep 15 I started to slow down.  Around rep 20 my feet were BURNING and I was sweating HARD.  I fought to stay in it, and was soooooo glad to hear the two minute alarm go off.  

5. I tried the quad raises exercise, where you kneel and lean back.  It certainly stretches everything, but I didn't feel anything I could call measureable.  I decided to use that old standby, kettlebell swings, to be my finisher.  Initial goal was 100 reps, preferably split 5x20.  By the end of 3x20 I was toast.  I was still breathing heavy by the time I walked back to the office, that's how hard they were!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Upper body (225x3x3)

Tues, 7 Nov 17

Bench: 135x10, 185x5, 205x5, 225x3x3, 205x2x5, 185x5
Ez-Bar Curls : 50x10, 60x10, 70x10
Standing Tricep Pressdown: 62.5x10, 72.5x10, 77.5x10
Pec deck (one armed) : 115x10, 145x10, 160x10
Seated Tricep Press : 110X15, 150X10, 170x10

Great session.  I'd like to start seeing that bench number go up - but as long as I'm staying at 2 plates a side I'm happy.  I'll just keep pounding away until 2 plates becomes easy again.  I really hammered my triceps today.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Squats (375 max)

Mon, 6 Nov 17

Squats : 135x10, 225x5, 315x5, 335x3, 355x1, 375x1, 315x2x5

Kept it pretty simple today. Heavier squats was the plan, and I simply worked my way up to a heavy single and did a couple of 3 plate sets at the end.  I felt good, and might have even had 395 or even 4 plates in me - but I don't want to rush too fast.  

I did a few seated squat adductor things (full stack x 3x15) then hopped on the GHR to see how my strength was.  My right hamstring felt a little weak, I only managed one set of 5 and then stopped on the second rep of the second set as my right hamstring really didn't feel right and I (am probably being paranoid) didn't want to risk a new injury.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Upper body (225x5 max)

Fri,  3 Nov 17

Bench: 135x10, 185x10,  205x5, 225x5, 205x5, 185x8
DB Bench: 40x12, 50x10, 60x5, 55x5
Ez-Bar Curls (21s): 50x3x21
Tricep Press: 52. 5x15, 62. 5x10, 72.5x10, 82.5x1, 67.5x10, 62.5x15
Pec Deck : 100x10, 130x10, 160x5

Bench was a bit of a grinder, but made it.  I have to work at a better method of getting the dumbbells in position.  I could handle more weight for actual pressing, but getting the weights up was really hard, and after heavy benching I really didn't have a lot left in my triceps.

Did some more curls today - 21's.  These are truly brutal even at low weights.  The pump just kills.  Couldn't do as many tricep presses or pec deck as I had hoped, kept the weight low as the fatigue was just brutal at that point.

I'm happy with the progress I'm making - I hit the bench number I was hoping for this week.  25x5 raw is a good start point.  I'll continue with messing with the weight and reps in the more classical sense - ie - next week say 235x5x1 or something like that, then go doubles, etc.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Squats (315x5x5 max)

Thurs, 2 Nov 17

Squats: 135x10, 225x5,  315x5x5
Calf Raises: 90x5x10
Leg Extensions: 130x10, 160x10, 190x10, 205x5x10
Seated hip abductor squats: 315x5x10

I felt good today.  Warmed up a bit with barless squats while waiting for a rack, then went right to work.  Did my squats belted, just to get used to wearing it again.  Had to loosen it a notch - my waist went up an inch or two.  :)  Now that I'm getting more work done I should start to shrink down a bit around the midsection - hard to eat like your working out heavy when you're not.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Upper body (light)

Wed, 1 Nov 17

Smith Seated OHP: 90x10, 110x10, 130x5x5, 110x10, 90x10 
Ez-Bar Curls : 60x4x10
Tricep Press: 62.5x3x15
Dual Pulley Pulldown : 60x3x10, 8

It's funny.  When you're in the gym working out it seems like you've done a lot of work.  Then you get back to edit the blog and see the above.  I didn't include the weight of the bar on the smith because I have no idea how much it weighs.  I believe it feels like 45, but the drag on the cables as you push makes it feel a lot harder.

I actually supersetted the curls and tricep press, and would have done more, but someone came and took over the tricep apparatus while I was doing my curls.  In any case, I got a pretty good arm workout - I could barely reach my collar to pull my shirt over my head when I was getting changed, so much pump!