Monday, October 24, 2016

Lower body (posts are a little out of order)

Mon, 24 Oct 16

RDL: 135x10, 225x10, 315x3x5
Leg Press: 90x10, 180x10, 270x10, 360x10, 450x3x5
Single Leg Extensions:  50x15 (both legs together), 50x10 (remained single), 70x10, 80x10, 90x10, 100x3x5

As I mentioned in the title, the posts are a little out of order.  I benched at home yesterday, so lower body today.  My lifts are going up, which is good.  I added a couple of plates to my RDL and went for low, heavy reps.  I didn't bother with all the extra deep standing on plate stuff as I didn't want to fatigue myself.  Leg press went great - low reps and I was able to hit 10 plates without any pain.  I didn't realize, but the actual machine base is close to 140 lbs right off the start - so that's an actual 590 lb leg press.  (past parallel - not that nancy little calf pump crap).  Single leg extension went up again considerably, and I was able to do a few low rep heavy sets.

I'm going to hold off on the squats for another month I think.  It bugs me not to do them, but I really need to heal up, and if I can continue on this path I shouldn't lose a lot of strength. Who knows, my legs might actually grow.

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