Tuesday, July 30, 2019

N'Suns Week 9 Day 4 - Deadlifts

Tues, 30 July 19

Deadlifts: 225x3, 275x5, 305x3, 340x4, 325x3, 305x3, 290x3, 275x3, 250x3, 235x7
Paused Rep Squats: 135x5, 160x5, 190x3, 190x5, 190x7, 190x4, 190x6, 190x8
Pull Ups: BWx6
DB Curls: 25x5x12

That brings week 9 to a close.  Didn't have time to squeeze in all the pull ups.  I should have done them with my deadlifts as I was rushing through the squats.  Supahfast!

New TMs

Bench: +5 = 265 lbs
Squat: +10 = 330 lbs
Deadlift: +10 = 370 lbs
OHP: +0 = 180 lbs

The program suggested a 5 lb increase to my OHP, but I'm going to be a little cautious as I found them extremely hard this week.

Monday, July 29, 2019

N'Suns Week 9 Day 3 - Bench

Mon, 29 Jul 19

Bench: 135x5, 195x5, 225x3, 245x3, 235x3, 225x5, 210x3, 195x5, 180x3, 170x7
CGBP: 105x6, 135x5, 155x3, 155x5, 155x7, 155x4, 155x6, 155x8
Cable Flyes: 50x4x12
Pull Up: 6,5,6,5
DB Concentration Curls: 25x5x12 *

I can't believe I actually made three reps on the 245.  I told the spotter, 1 maybe 2, 4 might have even been possible but I didn't want to roll the dice.  In retrospect that was probably a good idea because the subsequent descending sets were pretty hard.  Everything else went quite well and I'm pretty happy with it.

* I bought a dumbbell to do concentration curls with at home.  I'm having too much trouble squeezing all the exercises into the session.  Since my biceps are my weakest looking part in my upper body I'm going to do them daily for a bit, 5 sets a day, 3 normal - 2 occlusion.

Friday, July 26, 2019

N'Suns Week 9 Day 2 - Squats

Fri, 26 July 19

Squats: 135x5, 225x3, 240x5, 270x3, 305x5, 290x3, 270x3, 255x3, 240x5, 225x5, 210x8
Rack Pulls: 215x5, 250x5, 290x3, 290x5, 290x7, 290x4, 290x6, 290x8

The session went quite well.  My back was starting to get pretty pumped by the end of the squats.  The rack pulls didn't take too long and I did them like a power shrug.  I've changed the weight on the rack pulls to 100%, 110% and 125% of squat TM (at least I think it's squat TM) and will do them as pulls, not shrugs in the future.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

N'Suns Week 9 Day 1 - OHP

Thurs, 25 Jul 19

OHP: 135x5, 155x3, 170x3, 160x3, 155x3, 145x3, 135x5, 125x5, 115x7
Paused Bench: 130x6, 155x5, 180x3, 180x5, 180x7, 180x4, 180x6, 180x8
Cable Fly:  12x30, 12x40, 2x12x50
Pull Ups: BWx4x5, BWx1
DB Concentration Curl:  4x30x10, 2x15x20 (OB)

The OHP are getting REALLY heavy.  Having to incorporate hip drive to get the bar moving - so I think I'll have to drop the weight on that.  Paused bench was pretty hard on the last reps of the 7 and 8 rep sets.  Added cable flyes to see how they worked, and increased the weight until I found it hard.  Added pull ups back as I had almost maxxed out the stack for the face pulls.  Lastly, I did concentration curls with the dumbbells and added a new technique occlusion bands - blood flow training.  The pump is nuts with those.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

N'Suns Week 8 Day 4 - Deadlifts

Weds, 23 July 19

Deadlifts: 265x5, 300x3, 335x4, 315x3, 300x3, 280x3, 265x3, 245x3, 230x6
Front Squats: 110x5, 140x5, 170x3, 170x5, 170x7, 170x4, 170x6, 170x8

Well, I made it through the front squats.  I do feel my form is improving.  They finally got safety bars in the gym, so I feel more secure now with the squats as I know I can safely dump them at the bottom now.

So, week 8 is done.

New training maxes:

Bench: +5 = 260 lbs
Squat: +10 = 320 lbs
Deadlift: +10 = 360 lbs
OHP: +5 = 180 lbs

I think I'm ok with those. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

N'Suns Week 8 Day 3 - Bench

Tues, 22 Jul 19

Bench: 135x5, 190x5, 215x3, 240x3, 230x3, 215x5, 205x3, 190x5, 180x3, 165x8
CGBP: 100x6, 130x5, 155x3, 155x5, 155x7, 155x4, 155x6, 155x8
Cable Face Pulls: 140x5x15
DB Concentration Curls: 25x5x10

Good session today.  I used a spotter and managed to crank out 3 reps at 240.  I'm torn as to whether or not I should increase the weight next session.  RPE was about a 7 for the first two and an 8 for the last rep.  I may have been able to crank out another rep, but I didn't want to risk it.  Everything else went well.

I picked up a set of occlusion bands off of Wish and am trying them out.  Starting upper arm size is 15" flexed.  Thighs are 22" relaxed.

Monday, July 22, 2019

N'Suns Week 8 Day 2 - Squats

Mon, 22 July 19

Squats: 135x5, 235x5, 265x3, 295x5, 280x3, 265x3, 250x3, 235x5, 215x5, 200x8
Sumo DL: 175x5, 210x5, 245x3, 245x5, 245x7, 245x4, 245x6, 245x8

Phew!  Had to lay down for the last two sets, my back felt like someone filled it with rocks.  I'd have to say that accessories are retired for this day because I simply can't fit them into the allotted time though.  That being said, my butt is certainly becoming firmer and I'm hitting my legs quite good now.

N'Suns Week 8 Day 1 - OHP

Fri, 19 July 19

OHP: 130x5, 150x3, 165x4, 160x3, 150x3, 140x3, 130x5, 125x5, 115x11
Bench: 135x6, 155x5, 180x3, 180x5, 180x7, 180x4, 180x6, 180x8
Face Pulls: 140x5x15
BB Row: 135x5x15
DB Curls: 40x5x15

The OHP is getting harder!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

N'Suns Week 7 Day 4 - Deadlifts

Thurs, 18 July 19

Deadlifts: 225x5, 250x5, 285x5, 320x7, 405, 425, 440, 300x3, 285x3, 275x3, 250x3, 235x3, 225x8
Front Squats: 105x5, 135x5, 165x3, 165x5, 165x7, 165x4, 165x6, 165x8

So, I deviated from the program today as I was curious as to how I am progressing.  Yeah, I know, I shouldn't.  Since I messed around strength testing I passed on front squats - I didn't have the time, and I hate them anyhow.

Anyhow I pulled the 405 with straps like it was NOTHING.  So I tossed 20 more on and pulled, harder but still not crazy.  Saw a few stars.  So, decided to split the difference on my lifetime PR and pulled 440.  

I think it's conceivable that I could beat the 455 lifetime PR on this program.  Very excited.

So, the week comes to an end, and new training maxes are to be set:

Bench: +10 = 255 lbs
Squat: +10 = 310 lbs
Deadlift: +15 = 350 lbs
OHP: +10 = 175 lbs.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

N'Suns Week 7 Day 3 - Bench

Weds, 17 Jul 19

Bench: 135x5, 185x5, 210x3, 235x5, 220x3, 210x5, 195x3, 185x5, 170x3, 160x15
Face Pulls: 130x5x15
CGBP: 100x6, 125x5, 145x3, 145x5, 145x7, 145x4, 145x6, 145x8

Smoked the bench press.  Managed 5 reps on the AMRAP set at 235 and 15 reps at 160!  No problems with anything else.  Did some DB curls and empty bar BB curls as well, sets of 10-12 and didn't bother to record.  I got a good pump going though.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

N'Suns Week 7 Day 2 - Squats

Tues, 16 July 19

Squats: 225x5, 255x3, 285x6, 270x3, 255x3, 240x3, 225x5, 210x5, 195x10

I tweaked my left mid-back this morning moving servers around.  I was able to do the squats without too much discomfort, but I couldn't get positioned in a way to do sumo dl's that wasn't terribly painful.  Just setting the plates on the floor was uncomfortable.  Anyhow, going to blast some ibuprofen and see how I feel tomorrow.

Took 1600 mg ibuprofen, felt fine by day end.

Monday, July 15, 2019

N'Suns Week 7 Day 1 - OHP

Mon, 15 Jul 19

OHP: 125x5, 140x3, 155xAMRAP, 150x3, 140x3, 130x3, 125x5, 115x5, 105xAMRAP
Bench: 125x6, 145x5, 170x3, 170x5, 170x7, 170x4, 170x6, 170x8
Face Pulls: 130x5x15
BB Row: 135x5x10
BB Curl:  95x5x6

Somehow I didn't record my AMRAPS.  The session went fine overall though.  I'm pretty sure AMRAPS were around 4 for the heavy OHP and 11-12 for the 105.

Friday, July 12, 2019

N'Suns Week 6 Day 4 - Deadlifts

Fri, 12 July 19

Deadlifts: 245x5, 275x3, 315x5, 295x3, 275x3, 260x3, 245x3, 230x3, 210x13
Front Squat: 100x5, 130x5, 160x3, 160x5, 160x7, 160x4, 160x6, 160x8

Tried using straps on the front squats today.  I was feeling like wrist pain was a limiting factor, messing with my concentration.  Anyhow, it wasn't stable - the bar kept swinging out to the left and in the end I just went with my hands.  I did wrap my knees lightly though and wore my belt, that helped with not going quite so deep and getting out of the hole.  Reps 6,7, and 8 were still hard, and I had to lay on the floor to catch my breath on the 7 and 8 rep sets, but I did it.

So, another week in the can.  Let's see what the new training maxes are:

Bench: +10 lbs = 245 lbs
Squat: +10 lbs = 300 lbs
Deadlifts: +10 lbs = 335 lbs
OHP: +10 lbs = 165 lbs

Things are starting to get real now lol.  Bench and OHP should be slowing down soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

N'Suns Week 6 Day 3 - Bench

Thurs, 11 July 19

Bench: 135x5, 175x5, 205x3, 225x4, 210x3, 200x5, 190x3, 175x5, 165x3, 155x12
CGBP: 95x6, 120x5, 140x3, 140x5, 140x7, 140x4, 140x6, 140x8
Face Pulls: 130x5x15
BB Curls: 95x5x6

Not too bad!  I might have had a fifth rep in me for the 225, but with no safeties I don't want to chance it.  Four reps is decent though, and I'll keep going.  My shoulders feel fine.  I added more weight to the face pulls and an extra rep to the curls.  I'm definitely seeing activation on the curls and I'm hoping its enough to stimulate growth.  Of course, if I was leaner I'd probably look buffer, but meh.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

N'Suns Week 6 Day 2 - Squats

Tues, 9 July 19

Squats: 135x5, 225x5, 245x3, 275x5, 260x3, 245x3, 230x3, 225x5, 205x5, 190x10
Sumo DL: 135x5, 165x5, 195x5, 230x3, 230x5, 230x7, 230x4, 230x6, 230x8
Reverse Hyper: 70x4x10

Up in Cape Breton today working out at the Y with no equipment but a pair of Chucks.  Old school FTW!  So, I made it through the session without issue.  Rather than look dumb trying to painfully to glute raises without my baby-pad I did reverse hypers.  There was a bit of a learning curve, but YouTube videos helped there.  They're pretty taxing when you pause at the top to squeeze the glutes and my butt was a little fried.

Monday, July 8, 2019

N'Suns Week 6 Day 1 - OHP

Mon, 8 July 19

OHP: 115x5, 130x3, 145x5, 140x3, 130x3, 125x3, 115x5, 110x5, 100x6
Bench: 120x6, 140x5, 165x3, 165x5, 165x7, 165x4, 165x6, 165x8
Face pulls: 125x5x15
BB Row: 95x5x15
Curls: 95x5x5

No issues, went well.  Curls look like they are stressing the biceps - I will try adding a rep next session.

Friday, July 5, 2019

N'Suns Week 5 Day 4 - Deadlifts

Fri, 5 Jul 19

Deadlifts: 235x5, 270x3, 300x4, 285x3, 275x3, 250x3, 235x3, 225x3, 205x8
Front Squats: 95x5, 125x5, 150x3, 150x5, 150x7, 150x4, 150x6, 150x8

Phew!  The deadlifts still aren't that hard.  I'm not using straps, belts, or anything like that - just gloves because my wife hates my hands being all ripped up.   I hate the front squats though.  The best method for me seems to be having my hands pretty well just on the inside of the middle of the bar, so that my fingers are pinned against my chest.  Otherwise I just find the pain from the wrists to be distracting.  The 6,7 and 8 rep sets are still pretty tough, but manageable.

So, that's week 5 out of the way.

New training maxes:

Bench:  +10 lbs to 235 lbs.
Back Squat: +15 lbs to 290 lbs.
Deadlift: +10 lbs to 325 lbs.
OHP: +10 lbs to 155 lbs.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

N'Suns Week 5 Day 3 - Bench

Thurs, 4 Jul 19

Bench: 135x5, 170x5, 190x3, 215x4, 205x3, 190x5, 180x3, 170x5, 160x3, 145x15
CGBP: 95x6, 115x5, 135x5, 135x5, 135x7, 135x4, 135x6, 135x8
Face Pulls: 120x5x15
BB Curls: 95x5x5, 45x2x15

This session went really well.  I added a few high volume pumpy curl sets to the end of the session.  I probably had more reps in me for the last set of bench presses, but after 15 reps it just seemed silly.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

N'Suns Week 5 Day 2 - Squats

Weds, 2 July 19

Squats: 135x5, 225x5, 235x3, 260x8, 250x3, 235x3, 225x3, 205x5, 195x5, 185x10
Sumo DL: 160x5, 190x5, 220x3, 225x5, 225x7, 225x4, 225x6, 225x8
Glute Bridges: 160x10, 190x10, 225x2x10

Good session.  Anything where you see 225 was supposed to be 220, but who does 220?  I was running out of time so I passed on the glute bridges.  I think I have to secretly turn the heat down in the gym as I'm getting pretty sweaty in there lately.  I was up most of the night with insomnia, so my workout timings were a little off - and I couldn't remember what time I went to the gym anyhow.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

N'Suns Week 5 Day 1 - OHP

Tues, 2 Jul 19

OHP: 110x5, 125x3, 140x6, 130x3, 125x3, 115x3, 110x5, 100x5, 95x12
Paused Decline Bench: 115x6, 135x5, 160x3, 160x5, 160x7, 160x4, 160x6, 160x8
Face Pulls: 120x5x10
BB Curls: 95x5x5
BB Rows: 95x5x15

Went really well.  I did the bench presses declined to see if it hit my pecs any better, and I'd have to say that it didn't.  I kept the rows light with high reps, and increased the weight on the curls.  The curls were hard, and I worked on controlling the neg after cheating them up.  I expect that the cheat will decrease as my strength improves.  I don't do a lot of direct bicep work, and found that high rep low weight wasn't doing anything in terms of increasing overall bicep appearance and the db weight didn't increase a lot.