Friday, July 22, 2016

Deadlifts: Back to Basics

Fri, 22 Jul 16

Sumo Deadlifts:  225x2x10, 315x2x5, 345x5, 365x2
Conventional Deadlifts: 365x8
Deficit Sumo (1 plate): 225x2x8
Deficit Sumo (2 plates): 225x2x8

My groove got all screwed up when one of the trainers interrupted me to tell me to stop dropping the weights.  Of course, I couldn't hear her over my dropping the weights.... lol... I was setting them down under control, since I was strapped into them lol.  Anyhow, that completely messed me up and I lost my sumo groove.  I hammered out a bunch of singles and then moved onto the deficit work.  My glutes and lower back are smoked. 

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