Friday, July 8, 2016

Deadlifts: Back to Basics

Fri, 8 July 16

Sumo Deadlifts: 225x2x10, 315x2x5, 365x3x2
Conventional Deadlifts: 385x6x1
Sumo 1 Plate Deficits: 225x2x8
Sumo 2 Plate Deficits: 225x2x8

Alright, here's what my last deadlift day looked like: 225x4x5, 315x4x5, 365x3x1, 315x2x5 53 reps last week (15045 lbs) vs 58 reps this week (18090 lbs).  That's a difference of 3045 lbs, or a 17% increase.  I'm pretty happy with that, especially since I was lifting sumo for most of the session.  I did some reading over the past few weeks and decided to take a more narrow stance.  Essentially a deadlift version of my squat.  This really seemed to help me get my hips into position, and allowed me to keep my torso more upright - but contrary to my past experiences with sumo - this didn't seem to be a hip only movement.

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