Thursday, July 25, 2019

N'Suns Week 9 Day 1 - OHP

Thurs, 25 Jul 19

OHP: 135x5, 155x3, 170x3, 160x3, 155x3, 145x3, 135x5, 125x5, 115x7
Paused Bench: 130x6, 155x5, 180x3, 180x5, 180x7, 180x4, 180x6, 180x8
Cable Fly:  12x30, 12x40, 2x12x50
Pull Ups: BWx4x5, BWx1
DB Concentration Curl:  4x30x10, 2x15x20 (OB)

The OHP are getting REALLY heavy.  Having to incorporate hip drive to get the bar moving - so I think I'll have to drop the weight on that.  Paused bench was pretty hard on the last reps of the 7 and 8 rep sets.  Added cable flyes to see how they worked, and increased the weight until I found it hard.  Added pull ups back as I had almost maxxed out the stack for the face pulls.  Lastly, I did concentration curls with the dumbbells and added a new technique occlusion bands - blood flow training.  The pump is nuts with those.

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