Friday, July 5, 2019

N'Suns Week 5 Day 4 - Deadlifts

Fri, 5 Jul 19

Deadlifts: 235x5, 270x3, 300x4, 285x3, 275x3, 250x3, 235x3, 225x3, 205x8
Front Squats: 95x5, 125x5, 150x3, 150x5, 150x7, 150x4, 150x6, 150x8

Phew!  The deadlifts still aren't that hard.  I'm not using straps, belts, or anything like that - just gloves because my wife hates my hands being all ripped up.   I hate the front squats though.  The best method for me seems to be having my hands pretty well just on the inside of the middle of the bar, so that my fingers are pinned against my chest.  Otherwise I just find the pain from the wrists to be distracting.  The 6,7 and 8 rep sets are still pretty tough, but manageable.

So, that's week 5 out of the way.

New training maxes:

Bench:  +10 lbs to 235 lbs.
Back Squat: +15 lbs to 290 lbs.
Deadlift: +10 lbs to 325 lbs.
OHP: +10 lbs to 155 lbs.

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