Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Quad hypertrophy day

Wed, 8 Nov 17

Leg extensions : 130x2x15, 160x2x15
High Bar Squats: 135x5x10
Db Lunges (per leg) : 30x2x10
Leg Presses: 2 mins, 6 plates, 30 reps
Kettlebell Swings:  10 kg x 3 x 20

LOL.  I had higher expectations for this workout.  Reality set in quickly.

1. Leg extensions - the weight was good.  Got the blood flowing.  A bit of burning, but nothing extreme.

2. High bar squats - originally I planned this to be smith machine front squats.  I couldn't get the movement right.  So, then I tried regular front squats - this required too much technique.  I settled on fast, deep back squats.  I kept the bar nice and high, legs close together (in line with shoulders) and feet straight forward.  Fast tempo.  I'm starting to get a bit winded now.

3. Dumbbell Lunges - I thought I'd be able to manage more weight - but my balance SUCKS!  That being said, I figured it out by the end and was getting good quad activation.  I'm getting REALLY out of breath now though.

4. The two minute leg press torture.  Feet in line with the inside of my shoulders, positioned low on the plate.  Initially my tempo was pretty decent, but after about rep 15 I started to slow down.  Around rep 20 my feet were BURNING and I was sweating HARD.  I fought to stay in it, and was soooooo glad to hear the two minute alarm go off.  

5. I tried the quad raises exercise, where you kneel and lean back.  It certainly stretches everything, but I didn't feel anything I could call measureable.  I decided to use that old standby, kettlebell swings, to be my finisher.  Initial goal was 100 reps, preferably split 5x20.  By the end of 3x20 I was toast.  I was still breathing heavy by the time I walked back to the office, that's how hard they were!

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