Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Light upper body

Tues, 28 Nov 17

Bench: 135x3x20, 4x10
Reverse Grip Curls: 40x20, 40x3x10
Ez-Bar Curls :  40x20, 40x3x10
Dual Pulley Pulldown : 70x5x20
Face Pulls: 25x5x20Tricep Press: 70x5x20

Just managed to get through the first three sets in bench, then had to go to 10 reps instead of 20.  The curl weight was tricky.  I needed enough weight for the bicep to work, but still had to be able to do a lot of reps.  I think if I had done 30 lbs with the preacher bench to isolate the bicep more I might have been able to do the sets of 20 across the board.  That being said, my arms were looking really nice (for me) during the curls.  I managed the sets of 20 for the rest of the exercises.  I supersetted the pulldown and face pulls, and kept the rests really short for the tricep press.  I could probably add 10 lbs to the last 3 exercises. 

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