Thursday, November 23, 2017

Light legs

Thurs, 27 Nov 17

Leg press: 2x20, 4x20, 6x20, 4x20, 2x20
Leg Extensions: 100x20, 115x20, 130x20, 115x20, 100x20
Calf Raises: 45x20, 55x20, 65x20, 55x20, 45x20
Hip Adduction: 205x20, 215x10, 205x5, 190x10
Hip Abduction: 160x20, 175x20, 185x20, 175x20, 160x20

The first number in the leg press is the number of plates.  I put 45 seconds between all sets today.  I overreached a bit on the calf raises and hip adduction, but seemed to have nailed the weights correctly for the other sets.  

The leg extensions burned like hell.  The calf raises burned like hell and my range of motion became VERY small at the end.  I could barely close my legs on the adduction - I need more work on my adductors.

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