Monday, September 9, 2019

nSun Week 2 Day 1 - Bench/OHP

Mon, 9 Sept 19

Bench: 155x8, 175x6, 200x3x4, 190x5, 175x6, 165x7, 155x12
Strict OHP: 75x6, 85x5, 100x3, 100x5, 100x7, 100x4, 100x6, 100x8

This session went really well.  The weights were heavy enough to be an effort but not grindy.  Since it's week 2 that's where I'd hope we'd be.  I also did some scapular work with a wide grip pull up position where I basically just use my lats to pull me up a few inches for sets of 12.  They really seem to hit the lats nicely.  I'll rock some dumbbell curls at home during the evening to finish things up. 

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