Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Upper body

Tues, 30 Apr 19

DB Incline Bench: 65x4x10
Rope Triceps Press: 80x2x15
Lat Pulldown: 80x3x10
BB Curl: 70x3x10
Floor Press: 155x3x10
DB Row: 65x3x10
DB Side Raises: 15x3x10

The incline bench was good - managed to hit all my reps.  I'll increase that by 5 next session.  Rope triceps was good - I'll bump that up to 90, and same with the lat pulldown.  I'm really working hard on the mind muscle connection on the lats - and am feeling it much more now.  I sit on the floor just a little behind the bar and use a thumbless grip to try and reduce the bicep involvement with the movement.  BB Curl was pretty hard and I had trouble not cheating at the end, however it wasn't impossible - so I'm going to leave that and see if I can grow into it.  Floor press was hard - last rep was killer but I was supersetting all my exercises, so I'll leave that the way it is as well.  Lastly the DB row was hard, but not impossible - I'll leave that.  DB side raises worked very well at 15.  It seems like a small amount but it's crazy how much that tiny weight stresses the delts - they pop right out.  I'm very slow with the movement and am also really concentrating on my mind-muscle connection with pinning my lats back.

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