Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Lower Body

Tues, 23 Apr 19

Barbell Glute Bridge: 135x3x5
Hip Thrust: 135x3x10
Barbell Front Squat: 65x4x20, 95x4x8
RDL: 135x3x10, 115x10, 95x10
OMG.  This was brutal.  I'm switching it up a bit as my squat has been stalled with the dieting.  I thought I'd work on some hypertrophy and focus on my front quads and glutes.  

Glute bridge and hip thrust:  there is definitely a learning curve here.  Positioning that bar so that it's exactly in the right spot is critical.  I've got remarkably little fat in that spot, somehow, and boy - do you feel that bar.  The hip thrust was supposed to be at the end of the session, but since I was already down and had the bar loaded, I decided to do them next.  I dragged out a bench and went to town.

Front squats were torture.  I had big dreams of doing the 4x20 with 95 lol.  NOT A CHANCE.  At no point was I able to just hammer out 20 reps - I had to do like 10-12, pause (still holding the bar), do two sets of five to finish, etc.  Then I loaded up to 135 for the sets of 8.  Man, they were gassers after the sets of 20.

Lastly was RDL.  This actually wasn't too bad.  I really focused on form, and 135 was a little too heavy.  So I did three sets at 135 then dropped back 20 lbs for the last two sets.

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