Thursday, April 18, 2019

Upper body and cardio

Thurs, 18 Apr 19
DB Incline Bench: 55x4x10
Rope Triceps Press: 70x2x15
Lat Pulldown: 80x3x10
BB Curl: 55x2x10
Floor Press: 135x3x10
DB Row: 60x3x10

Rowing: 500m x 5 with 1 min rest

Crazy!  So, the other day I started a diet break because I was miserable and not losing any weight.  With birthdays coming and Easter it was the right time.  Today the weights were just flying up.  Effortless.  Added 10 lbs a side to the lat pull down, 5 lbs to the DB row, did a bunch of complexes and OHP, an extra set of curls....   Just nuts.  I spent the whole hour just pounding upper body work.  5 lbs back in two days just from not being depleted.  Veins popping out, muscles pumped.....  ahhhh.  I feel like I'm on drugs I'm so hyper.

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