Friday, April 26, 2019

Upper body

Fri, 26 Apr 19

DB Incline Bench: 65x4x10
Rope Triceps Press: 80x3x10
Lat Pulldown: 110x3x10
BB Curl: 70x3x10
Floor Press: 135x3x10
DB Row: 65x3x10
DB Side Raises: 15x3x10

I added weight to the incline bench - went fine.  I kept the weight the same on the triceps press, but forgot that it was 2x15 as opposed to 3x10.  Someone was using the other side of the cable machine, so I just attached the rope to the other pulley, pinned the whole stack, and did my lat pulldowns like that.  I added weight to the BB Curls and that was fine.  I see I'm doing a little "cheating" on them, but I can definitely see them working, so I'm OK with that.  Floor press should be able to go up another 20 lbs - I'm pretty strong off the floor.  I added weight to the DB Row.  That was fine, required some effort, but no need to drop the DBs or anything else.  I lowered the weight on the DB side raises because I saw I wasn't doing them correctly.  When using proper form I had to drop the weight a touch.

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