Thursday, April 11, 2019

Upper body and cardio

Thurs, 11 Apr 19
DB Decline Bench: 55x4x10
Rope Triceps Press: 70x2x15
Lat Pulldown: 70x3x10
BB Curl: 55x2x10
Floor Press: 135x3x10
DB Row: 35x3x10

Rowing: 500m x 5 with 1 min rest

The decline bench was pretty easy - for the first two sets.  Set three was a little harder, requiring me to rack the DBs once at rep 8.  Set four was much harder.  I managed 6 reps before racking the DBs.  Then did singles as quickly as I could (say 15 secs rest or so).  I'll keep that weight for next session. They were probably a little harder because I supersetted the rope triceps press and curls, then the lat pulldown. 

I was going to do floor presses at 145 but only managed 2 reps.  So I dialled it back to 135.  My last set of 3 required me to rack it around rep 6, and do singles to the end.  I supersetted these with the last lat pulldown set, and the DB rows.

I decided just to do the DB rows because I had already got some good activation from the triceps press, the lat pulldown, and the floor press.  I decided the DB row (inclined) would be a good move for my back.  I can easily up the weight on that one to probably about 50 lbs per hand next time.

Rowing was rowing.  It's hard, but it seems to be working as a form of cardio.  My heart rate definitely goes up, but I'm less short of breath than I have been.

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