Monday, April 1, 2019

Rowing and Upper body

Mon, 1 Apr 19

DB Incline Bench: 50x4x7
BB Row: 95x3x9
OHP: 95x3x6
Lat Pulldown:50x3x9
Seated DB Curl: 25x3x9
Rope Triceps Press: 50x3x11

Working towards:
DB Incline Bench: x4x10
BB Row: 3x10
OHP: 3x10
Lat Pulldown: 3x10
Incline DB Curls: 2x12
Rope Triceps Press: 2x15

Rowing: 500m x 5 with 1 min rest

The session went well, except I couldn't get the stacks for the lat pulldown.  I had no trouble adding reps, and will add more next session.

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