Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lower body

Thurs, 25 Apr 19

Barbell Glute Bridge: 95x3x5
Hip Thrust: 95x3x10
Barbell Front Squat: 65x4x20, 95x4x8
RDL: 95x5x10

Much better today.  My work capacity is improving as is my form.

Glute bridges and hip thrusts are coming in nicely.  I'm figuring out how to place the bar correctly and think I am hitting my glutes properly.  I may rig up my phone to shoot some video as it's hard to tell if you are hitting your butt when it's behind you.  It shouldn't be long to add weight as I'm getting form dialled in, and will likely need a lot of weight to tax the glutes.

Front squat sets 1 - started to get difficult at 16, set 2 at 15, set 3 at 15, and set 4 at 10.  In sets one to three I just stood for a few seconds, without racking the bar, and then finished up the set.  In the last set I had to rack the bar at 15 reps, but then unracked it about 15-20 seconds later and SLOWLY finished the set.  I'll probably keep this weight until I can actually run through the entire 4x20 without stopping.

RDL went well.  Paused at the bottom without setting the bar down for stretch.  Because I'm a deep squatter it may actually be necessary for me to stand on a plate because I'm almost touching the floor at the bottom.

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