Wednesday, August 21, 2019

N'Suns Week 12 Day 2 - Squats

Weds, 21 Aug 19

Squats: 135x5, 225x3, 275x5, 315x3, 345x3, 330x3, 325x3, 290x3, 275x5, 255x5, 235x5
Sumo Deadlift: 195x5, 230x5, 270x3, 270x5, 270x7, 270x4, 270x6, 270x8
Pull Ups: BWx4xAMRAP

Ran out of time again.  I think I've pretty well done all I can with N'Suns at this point.  I'm now lifting so close to my maxes that my rest time makes it impossible to get the work done in an hour.  I might have had 10 minutes left at the end to do the sumos, but by the time I set up and everything I'd probably only get a set or two in.

So, I'll write up a summary of my progress and move on.  I'm thinking I might go with 5/3/1 BBB.  I prefer to go in, do one type of exercise and leave.  Mixing takes too much additional time setting up the equipment, and I only have an hour.  I'd rather work hard for the hour.

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