Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Rowing and upper body

Weds, 20 Mar 19

Rowing: 5x500m with 1 min rests
OHP: 95x4x6
Lateral Raise: 2x20x6, 2x15x12
Reverse DB Flyes: 4x15x12
Lying Face Pulls: 2x40x10
Standing Face Pulls: 2x40x10

Rowing went well despite still having breathing difficulty.  The rest of the workout was hard.  The OHP was a little taxing on the shoulder so I decided NOT to add more weight and to go for straight sets.  I tried to ensure that I was not taxing my left shoulder, so weights were super light to get a feel for the exercise, weight I can work with, and proper form.  I was initially going to start with 25 lbs on the lateral raise, but found that was just above where I could really control the movement without jerking it up.  I could definitely see it hitting the rear delts as well as the rest of the upper body.  Interestingly, on the reverse DB flyes I felt it a bit in my chest.  Face pulls were pretty easy.

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