Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Rowing and upper body

Tues, 5 Mar 19

Rowing:  500m w 1 min rest, x5.  I estimate it took about 2.5 minutes to do each 500 m, so that's about 17 minutes total including rests.  I kept it in the 30+ spm range, with a couple over 40 spm.

I couldn't bench today.  I've got a really sore spot right over the medial aspect of my left collarbone.  It's really, really sore.  I loaded up the dumbbells but felt the pain as soon as I started to descend.  I did a bunch of cable work instead.  Rope Triceps pressdowns, face pulls, chest flyes, and ez bar upright row and ez-bar pressdown.  Everything was done with a fairly light weight for 15 reps a set, x 3 sets each.

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