Monday, November 5, 2018

Bench (Smolov week 2)

Mon, 5 Nov 18

Bench: 135x5, 155x5, 175x6x6
DB Seated Shoulder Press : 40x2x10, 45x2x10, 40x2x10
Farmer's Walk: 75x4x50

The bench was very easy today, good stretch and pump.  I thought I'd try adding a little weight to the shoulder presses, they were too hard at the top and I really had to grind out the last few reps of the sets after switching to 45s.  The farmers walks were 75 lb db's in each hand, for 50 steps, 4 times.  I had to take a quick rest partway through the last walk and set the db's down, my forearms were getting brutalized. 

So, although the presses were easy today I'm sticking with the program as written.  I also thought the presses were easy early last week until day 3, and then NOT so easy.  It's that 8x4 volume day where it feels heavy.

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