Thursday, June 27, 2019

N'Suns Week 4 Day 3 - Bench

Thurs, 27 Jun 19

Bench: 160x5, 185x3, 205x6, 195x3, 296x6, 170x3, 160x5, 150x3, 140x14
CGBP: 85x6, 110x5, 130x3, 130x5, 130x7, 130x4, 130x6, 130x8
Cable Face Pulls: 110x5x15
BB Curls: 65x5, 95x3x5, 85x5, 75x10, 65x10  (followed with 10 reps drag curls)

Bench went well.  Decided to try BB curls as an accessory as I didn't feel I was getting good overload on the DB curls.  A bit of a cheat up on the heavies and then controlled negatives.  Each set followed by 10 drag curls at the same weight.  The sets of 10 were without cheating.

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