Tuesday, June 25, 2019

N'Suns Week 4 Day 2 - Squats

Tues, 25 June 19

Squats: 200x5, 225x3, 250x5, 240x3, 225x3, 210x3, 200x5, 185x5, 170x10
Sumo Deadlifts: 150x5, 180x5, 210x3, 210x5, 210x7, 210x4, 210x6, 210x8
Glute Thrusts: 150x10, 180x10, 210x10

The session went well.  AMRAP for squats was 5 reps, I might have had 2 in the tank, and the 170x10 was only cut short because it was a lot of volume.  I cut the glute thrusts short as I was running out of time and had been supersetting them with the sumo DL sets. 

I think the hardest part about sticking to the program (or any program really) is the desire to let loose on the reigns and just ego lift.  I *know* I can lift substantially more than this, but the goal is to properly build up my base of strength and hypertrophy.  I need my tendons and ligaments to be up to the task - which means no fast jumps.  I have to take my time and get strong all over.

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