Monday, January 7, 2019

Cardio and upper body

Mon, 7 Jan 18

Rowing: 20 spm x 3 minutes, 22 spm x 3 minutes, 24 spm x 3 minutes, 26-30 spm x 3 minutes.
Decline DB Bench: 30x1x12, 35x3x12
Concentration DB Curls: 20x3x12
Rope Pulley Tricep Pressdown: 50x3x12
Face Pulls: 50x3x12

So, I did the proper first day of the rowing program.  Intervals as opposed to a long session.  It wasn't too bad.  The DB work was kept low weight as I had trouble getting the DBs in position without hurting my shoulder.  I was planning on picking up some DB hooks to remedy that issue.  Finished with some cable work for the triceps and delts.

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