Monday, June 11, 2018


Mon, 11 Jun 18

Bench : 135x3x5, 185x3x5, 205x3x3
DB Rows: 70x4x10
Rehab work

So, I went heavy on the bench and rows.  It took a while to get my shoulder into the movement.  I was happy to be able to smoothly work the 185s, and the 3x3 on 205 was a bonus.  I decided not to screw around and abstained from trying 2 plates.  I mean really, it would have possibly been injury inducing, and nobody would be impressed anyhow.  I used straps for the rows as I really wanted to hit them hard and not be limited by grip.  I could probably move up another 10 or 20 pounds with the straps.

For the remainder of the time I did some cable work on my shoulders and triceps.  Just high rep light stuff to get the blood flowing and mobilize the shoulder joint a bit more under a far lighter load.

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