Friday, May 25, 2018

Push it (mostly)

Fri, 25 May 18

Dual Pulley row: 50x5x10
Hammer strength incline press: 30x15, 40x3x15
Seated db OHP: 30x5x10
Smith machine deadlift: 90x5x10
Lateral raise: 50x4x15
Single leg press: 90x5x6

I was going to squat, but my right tricep REALLY did not feel good today.  I couldn't rack the bar for a front or back squat without pain.  So, I moved on.  I decided this would mostly be an upper body day with a lot of push movements.  So, for push I did the seated hammer strength incline press, seated db OHP, smith machine deadlift, seated machine lateral raise, and seated one legged leg press on the sled.  I did a bit of seated low pulley row to get the blood flowing to the tricep and lats.  There is also a bit of pull of the deadlift as well.  The reason I used the smith was that I really wanted to focus on glute activation/hip thrust and while keeping as upright as possible.  This meant using lighter weights, but it was still pretty good cardio and my legs definitely felt the effort.  I finished off with the single leg press.  It looked very light - only a plate a side.  I placed my foot in the center of the platform and went to full range of movement - knee to chest and back out.  I picked single leg so that I wouldn't round my back, and to focus on the actual leg extension.

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