Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Tues, 29 May 18

Rdl: 135x2x10, 225x3x5
Leg press: 4x2x10, 6x10, 8x2x10
Calf raises: 50x4x10
Leg extension 100x4x10

Started with Romanian deadlift.  I wasn't feeling the stretch, so I slapped two 35's under each foot, that helped a bit.  I was hoping to hit sets of 10, but I didn't have the endurance at 225.  In fact, I was hoping to get another set but I was burnt.

Next I moved onto leg press.  Both legs today, full depth.  You can really see it hitting the hamstrings and vastus lateralis.  Next I went onto calf raises, very slowly, getting a good squeeze at the top and going low and slow at the bottom.  Final was leg extensions, focus on VMO and quads.  Slow and burning was the tempo.  

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