Thursday, May 24, 2018

Full body workout

Thurs, 24 May 18

Leg press: 4x4x15
Seated Smith machine OHP: 50x4x15
Standing high cable crossover: 12.5x15, 17.5x3x15
Standing triceps cable extension 17.5x15, 32.5x3x15
Dual leg extension: 100x4x15
Single Leg Glute extension 70x15, 90x15 

It's my first day back after a week of family issues.  Fortunately, everyone is fine now, and I'm back on my diet and starting to exercise again.  I've been losing strength, so I'm going to have to dial my workouts back quite a bit when the diet ends.  I'm starting to see positive changes in my physique though, so that's motivation to keep going.

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