Monday, May 7, 2018

Depletion workout

Mon, 7 May 18

Leg press (plates): 4x3x15
Leg extension: 115x3x15
Glute machine :50x15, 70x15, 90x15
Front Pulldown: 50x3x15

Seated DB Shoulder Press: 30x3x12
Pec Deck: 100x1x15

OMG.  This was simply grueling today.  Had diarrhea again, so I was literally drained by the time I hit the gym.  I tried drinking a few bottles of water, but it didn't take long before I simply couldn't move anymore.

Leg press was easy, but I knew that 6 plates probably would have been pushing it.  So, I put my feet closer together (shoulder width) and continued to go deep - until my back comes off the seat.  I was able to see my hamstrings and quads working, so I knew it was enough to start the depletion. By the last few reps of each set of leg extensions the burn was starting to kick in.  I tried a new machine today.  Its one where you stand with your chest against a pad, and push a pedal to full extension.  So, every set above was for each leg.  It took me a few sets to figure out a good weight and to master the movement.  I may keep this one in the routine as it definitely activated my glutes.  Front pulldown was hard.  I'm pretty sure I was going a little hypo as I hadn't eaten since last night - cold sweats.  I had to drop a few reps off the shoulder press as I was starting to feel sick to my stomach.  Finally I hit the pec deck.  After the first set I went from both arms to single, but only made it through a few reps.  I went back to the office after that, didn't even bother to change.

The diet routine is working though - down to 204 from 219.  

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