Friday, June 3, 2016

Cutting, full body depletion

Fri, 3 Jun 16

Hip extensions - bwx3x15
GHR - bwx3x5
Leg curls - 50x2x15, 60x2x15, 70x10, 60x8, 50x7
Seated leg press: 190x3x15
Seated leg extension: 190x4x15
Single arm cable fly: 25x2x20 each arm
Pull ups: bwx5 (while waiting for pec deck)
Pec Dec: 105x3x20, 115x2x10, 125x10
Forearm pec deck: 105x3x10
Rear pec deck: 105x3x20

Pretty well hit everything.  Took close to an hour and I was pretty exhausted when done.

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