Friday, June 17, 2016

Cutting, depletion workout

Fri, 17 June 16

I've had just about as much dieting as I can take.  Soooooo, ANOTHER DEPLETION WORKOUT LOL.  To start, I jogged briskly to the gym in my workout gear, so as to not waste any time.  Upon arrival, hip extensions bwx15, 10x15, 25x2x10. Then seated leg curls, not sure of the weight, but 3x15 reps with an increase in each set.  Then seated leg extensions for 3x15, 10, 7 reps.  Increasing weight from about 100+.  Then on to leg press sled.  90x15, 180x15, 270x2x10, 360x2x5, 450x3x4, 360x4, 270x15.  When I do the sled I go to parallel - no lying calf raises lol.  Feeling my legs were well depleted I then moved on to upper body.  Standing crossover cable flyes 25x3x15 per side.  Seated lat pulldown, not sure of the weight but I actually kept increasing it until I could actually feel my lats becoming fatigued.  Not something usual for me.  2x15, 2x10, 2x5.  Bench press 135x15 wide, 135x10 mid, 135x5 close, then out again, 135x15 wide, 135x2 mid, 135x3 close.  On to the next station - oh, in use.....   OK.  Seated overhead press on the smith.  All with 50 lbs on the bar - 15 wide, 10 mid, 5 close, 10 wide, 5 mid, 2 close.  Lastly, pec deck, 100x3x15.  Jogged back to the office.  Probably close to an hour and a half and I was BEAT.

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