Friday, May 20, 2016

Cutting, bench and upper body

Fri, 20 May 16

Bench: 135x2x10, 185x2x5, 205x4, 225x3x3, 205x2x5, 185x2x5

Bench was slightly better than earlier in the week.  More reps.  I was considering doing a few singles at heavier weight, but decided against it.  If I can hang on to 2 plates while dieting I think that's a good place to be.  I finished up with pec deck,  dual cross over cable flyes, single crossover cable flies, tricep pushdowns (these are murder on my right shoulder for some reason), and bicep/lat pulldown.  Felt pretty fried after.  I like the way the cable flyes work - dual cable and pec deck seem to target the center of my chest.  Moving to a single cable and turning my body seems to hit the delt and anterior outer pec - near shoulder.  I did high reps while holding a hand over my pec, and you can really feel the activation.

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