Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cutting, upper body

Weds, 25 May 16

I couldn't get a regular, flat bench, so I did incline presses in the Smith machine.  I feel like such a wimp, because it's hard to do the press movement with any real weight.  I tried a reverse grip with 25 first - but my shoulder hated it, and I really wasn't getting the pec activation I was looking for.  Conversely, a normal grip really allowed me to flare my lats and squeeze my pecs at the top.  I started with 25x2x20, then 35x2x10, then 45x2x10, then back off sets to fatigued - 40x10, 35x7, 30x10, 25x15.  I then did 110x2x15, 130x2x10 on the pec deck, reversed it and did pulls 130x2x15.  They were hard.  Next I hit the cable fly, single arm, 20x15, 25x2x15 per side.  Then a bench was freed up.  I tried to warm up with 135 and had to struggle from 7-10 reps.  I was so fatigued I decided that was enough.

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