Monday, May 9, 2016

Cutting, upper body depletion

Mon, 9 May 16

Upper body depletion as the diet kicks back in.  Maxed weigh in was 224 lbs as of this am.  Talked to one of the regulars in the gym about hitting the pecs and he gave me a good dumbbell based exercise that really hits it.  It's essentially a seated incline dumbbell fly, but your sitting up so that your shoulder blades are the only part touching the bench, and arms are bent a bit.  I'm unable to find a video, but the guy has one of the best physiques in the gym and a great chest.  I watched him doing cable flyes and was trying not to look like I was trying to pick him up after when I went to talk to him lol.  But I mean, would you go to me for diet advice?  Not likely, you might ask me how I squat so deep, because that is something I'm good at.

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