Monday, April 25, 2016

Maintenance, machines

Mon, 25 Apr 16

I was hoping to squat today, but once again, could not get a rack. I guess I'm going to have to go to lunch early or late to get one.  Weight was only down a bit on Sat, 215 lbs even.  I went carb crazy the day before and almost ate the whole house.  I decided it was in my best interest to take a week or two off of the diet to get my hormones normalized a bit, and then go back at it.  My birthday is Fri anyhow, which means restaurant food and cake.

Anyhow, I did pec deck, tricep pulldowns, trap/bicep pulldown, leg extension, leg curls, and GHR.  All taken to exhaustion.  I think when I do machines I should probably do leg curls and GHR first, because working my quads to exhaustion and then lying on them REALLY hurts.

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