Friday, February 8, 2019


Fri, 8 Feb 19

Squats: 135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 365x1, 375x1, 385x1

Today was max effort squat day.  Although very short and to the point, the goal was to go as heavy as possible.  I *may* have had more that 405 in the tank, but we have no safeties on the racks where I'm working out, so I'm kind of hesitant to go for 100%.  I took my time and when I finished threw in some lower body cardio type work.  I did kettlebell swings for 8kg x5x10, and then medicine ball bounce catches with a 10lb ball x5x10.  They really don't have a name, but for me its like a clean.  You stand and drop the ball from chest height.  You quickly drop into a deep squat and dip your hips to get under the ball, then "rack" it.  Rinse and repeat. Bounce, drop, catch, stand, rack.

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