Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cardio and upper body

Tues, 26 Feb 19

Rowing: Intervals 5x500 m with 1 min rest between intervals (forgot to note time!)
Decline DB Bench: 65x3x10

I had an unusual day and didn't get to eat anything until I was walking to my workout (had a banana).  Only had one coffee, also late.  Needless to say, energy was nowhere to be found.

Despite that - Rowing went quite well, pretty fast hitting 30-40 strokes per minute at the beginning, towards the end I did a sprint 1.5 minutes out but ran out of gas about 30 seconds later lol.  Main lift was DB Decline Bench.  I kept the weight on the low side today, not too bad - I didn't have enough rest for the last set and was pretty tired.  I did a bunch of hammer curls and single DB side drop to overhead press.  I was going to do rope triceps work but someone was using the equipment and I was pretty tired.

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