Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Light" bench day (225x5x5)

Thurs, 9 Feb 17

Bench:  135x2x10, 185x2x5, 205x2x5, 225x5x5

My shoulder is improving.  I decided to keep the weight light today as I was pushing the snowblower around yesterday (broke both shear pins and couldn't figure out why it was so hard to move the snow), and we're supposed to get a Nor'Easter tomorrow, so more snow.


  1. Some "light" bench! These days, I'm struggling with 185 for singles. I did something to my right shoulder a couple years ago and even though I don't have pain anymore, it's still a lot weaker than my left. We lucked out with the snow. It hit just South of us.

  2. Yeah, we managed to get off pretty light as well. I'd say about 4" total and it was fairly light. I blew through it with the snowblower in about 30 minutes and was still to work on time.


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