Thursday, November 17, 2016

Upper body, machines

Thurs, 17 Nov 16

Another machine day.  I'm doing a few static hangs - I watched a video that suggested it may be helpful, and without anything else to do, I have nothing left to lose.

My right shoulder has been an ongoing issue since my early lifting days.  Every so often it flares up and starts being troublesome - usually on things like bench and OHP.  I even notice pain when raising my right arm above chest level.  It's pretty sucky.  Anyhow, I find the machine work lets me use really light weights for specific shoulder motions, and I can go really quite heavy on face pulls without discomfort.  I'm definitely much better at activating my pecs.  Before long I'll be doing those Terry Crews pec bops. (lol)  Oh yeah, I'll be also interested in seeing if I have any bicep/tricep growth.  I've been doing some cable and ez-curl bar curls, low weight, slow as hell tempo, mega pump.

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