Friday, November 4, 2016

Cardio - yuck!

Fri, 4 Nov 16

I thought I'd add some cardio into the mix since I'm getting ready to cut and still deloading.  I can't imagine what I'd do with a whole hour of lunchtime anyhow.  First I tried rowing.  Even on maximum I couldn't perceive any exertion from it.  So I tried what was recommended to me as the hardest cardio in the gym - the Powermill Climber.  After 5 mins on 10 out of what I learned was a max of 20 levels my quads were pumped to the max and I was barely hanging on.  That a machine!  To dial it back a bit and not die I went and did some 50-30-30 rep sets of kettlebell swings.  I did 20, 10, 10 both hands then switched on the fly to single hands for 10 each.  That put me in a little over half an hour with my heart rate well into the 130+ range.  I'll have to bring in my heartrate monitor next time to see the actual results.
My nemesis.

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