Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Upper body hypertrophy

Weds, 13 Dec 17

Seated Smith Machine OHP CG:  60x6x10
Ez-Bar Curls : 50x6x10
Dual Pulley Row:  60x6x10

I upped the weight by 10 lbs each, and changed the rep scheme from 4x15 to 6x10.  My nutrition was off today as we had a work breakfast.  I figured I'd rock the weight room, but surprisingly all that happened was I got insanely hot and sweaty, and ran out of gas after the dual pulley rows.  Stupid me tried to kill a skin tag under my arm, then covered it with adhesive tape.  Not only did it swell up, but ripping the tape off really irritated the skin.  So, when doing the smith machine and row I kept rubbing it with the inside of my arm.  (it's on the left side of my ribs).  By the end of the session I was exhausted, hot, sweaty and the skin tag was on fire.

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