Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bench (255 max with Slingshot)

Thurs, 21 Dec 17

Bench Press: 135x10, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 235x3, 245x2, 255x1, 225x2x5
Ez-Bar Curls : 60x2x10, 8, 4
DB OHP  20x10, 25x12, 30x2x10 

Plan is overload today - using the homemade slingshot.  I got a lot of benching done - felt good.  The curls were quite a workout - I did them spider style, using the reverse preacher bench - so full extension and isolation.  It doesn't sound like much until you realize, no body english - just straight biceps only, arm completely immobilized.  I finished up with a new OHP exercise, so I kept the weight light to see the form.  

I'm going to be home for the next few weeks and will have plenty of time to get some super long sessions, so I'll see how this works out.  I typically haven't been one for using dumbbells, because I never owned any, and they weren't a powerlifting exercise.  But now that I'm working some on hypertrophy and appearance I've got to try some different things and see what sticks.  Even though it looked like I lifted weights before I didn't feel like I looked like someone who was strong as I was.  (not boasting - there are tons of huge looking guys in the gym moving weights FAR lighter than what I was moving.)

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