Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hex bar deadlifts

Wed, 27 May 15

Hex bar deadlifts:  242x10, 332x5, 382x5, 422x3, 472x2, 482x1, 422x5, 332x10

Learned today that my trap bar only weighs 62 lbs, not 68.  A little disappointed.  Also, since I can't math when I deadlift I thought I hit 500 but was really only 482.  (490 using the incorrect bar weight)

My cardiovascular system was definitely the culprit in keeping me from going higher today.  I got a little dizzy at 472x2, but had to take a knee at 482.  I was using straps, belt, and squat shoes.  My muscles felt like they could have gone longer - the 482 was slow, but not a grinder.  It simply overwhelmed my capacity to push blood to my brain.  Did a couple of back off sets afterwards and called it a day.

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