Thursday, December 5, 2013

First post!

A bit about myself.


I'm 47 years old. Always was a skinny guy growing up, then skinny fat as an adult. I never did any exercise except walking and biking. I could do either of those things forever. As time and life went on I eventually ballooned up to a whopping 5'9, 246 lbs at about 35% bf. In Christmas 2008 I made the decision to lose weight. I started crazy dieting and tons of cardio, lost the first 20 lbs fast. I realized that I had so little muscle that I would probably end up 135 lbs before I saw anything resembling an ab, so I changed gears.

I began lifting in Feb 2009. Initial numbers in pounds were:

Squat 3x5x115
Bench: 3x5x105
Deads: 1x5x135
OHP: 3x5x75
Cleans: 3x5x105

Over the next few years I suffered a number of setbacks. Injuries, sprains, a hernia, and a few other surgeries. My dieting slowed gains and I got into a cycle of gain and loss without ever hitting ab level. The best weight I hit was 171 lbs, and was about 17% bf.

I've done a ton of different programs, with varying degrees of success.

In August of 2012 I  managed to hit a few of my lifting goals.

I managed a 315 lb squat for 2 reps earlier this month. I managed a 225 lb bench for 3 reps as well. I'm still shooting for a 400 lb deadlift (current best is 380) and a body weight OHP. (current best is 170).

It was hard but I continued driving those numbers and pounding away, and this year hit all of my current goals.   In February I managed the 400 lb deadlift.  In July I managed a 260 lb bench press.  In August I hit a 375 lb squat.  I managed a 200 lb overhead press as well in August.  I hit the 400 lb deadlift for a double in August as well.  (I was recently unemployed and had the whole summer to lift, sleep and eat).  Recently I picked up some more 45's and managed a 415 lb deadlift.  My weight for these was about 190-210 lbs.

Having hit all those goals I had to figure out what to do next.

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