Thursday, December 5, 2013

Enter powerlifting.

So.... having hit all my goals, and being pretty healthy for an old fella, I decided to press on.  (pun intended).

I knew bodybuilding wasn't in the cards.  I simply don't have the willpower to diet down to abs.  I've come close, but no abs.  Besides, I'm pretty furry, and that doesn't show abs well.

I started looking into the sport of powerlifting.  I realized looking at some Wilk's scores that I wasn't terribly far off from being a competitor. Wikipedia - Wilk's Coefficient  The basic gist of the Wilk's is that when you calculate in a lifter's weight, sex, and lifts you get a number.  You then compete in age brackets (or open if you're really strong despite your age) and whether you're equipped or non-equipped. (raw) 

I will be competing as a Master (ie - old guy) because I'm fairly strong in regards to the general population, but not compared to some of the super strong monsters in the sport.  I do feel like I'm on the low end of the Masters, but should have some room to grow.  Equipped status refers to whether or not you wear equipment other than a belt, wrist wraps and knee sleeves to help you lift.  There are special shirts and things that basically act like extra muscles and tendons and allow you to lift far more than you would "raw".

Anyhow, all that aside, I'm currently taking a powerlifting course at the Sackville Sports Stadium, being run by Lucas Hardy.  I may take part in a meet in February - not sure yet.

My Wilk's score is currently  303.83.  That's at a weight of 200 lbs with a combined lift total of 477.273 kg  (170 kg Squat, 118 kg Bench, and 188 kg Deadlift).  People at my age and class appear to be competing slightly higher than this.  To make that Wilk's better I have to lose weight, get stronger, or both.  Ideally I'd like to compete near 180 lbs and get my lifts to squat 400 lbs, bench 300 lbs, and deadlift 460 lbs.  This should put me in a 354 Wilk's - which is pretty competitive (I think) in my class.

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