Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Upper body - still picking out exercises.

Tues, 5 July 17

Yesterday and today I went to the gym for the main purpose of seeing what upper body work I could do that did not require any hamstring use.

Things I tried and had success with:

1. High rep, low weight bench press,
2. Seated incline press. wide, medium and narrow,
3, Chin ups,
4. Pull ups,
5. Seated dumbbell curls with medium weight - too heavy and I start to have to flex the hamstring to stabilize,
6. Preacher curls with the ez-curl bar, medium weight,
7. Cable flyes and rope push downs,
8. Tricep push down machine,
9. Ab crunch machine.

I'll play around a bit more and see what else I can do.  I expect the next step in my injury recovery will be walking for my cardio.  Following that, light stretching and mild resistance work.  (think bands or a very light cable kick)

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