Thursday, July 20, 2017

I'll post if something interesting happens....

19-20 July 17

With me being limited to low weight, high rep upper body work there's not a lot of point in logging the sessions unless something interesting occurs.  Basically I'm just trying out different stuff to see what hits the muscles the hardest without causing me to engage the right hamstring.

I've been trying stuff like dumbbell presses, one armed pec-deck work (really seems to hit the pec better than both arms), behind the neck presses, straight bar upright rows, curls, using a cable row machine with one leg on the center pad and my bad leg out of the way so I don't put any weight on it.  Stuff like that.

I go for an ultrasound tomorrow to see what sort of damage there is in there.  It's still tender to the touch by the back of the knee, where the tendons/ligament damage supposedly is, and the hamstring itself still has a tender spot.  

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